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Links to Research on this week's Bible Lesson
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* Note: These resources are not authorized publications by The Christian Science Publishing Society, and are offered only to enrich your study. This is also not a comprehensive list of available resources.

Links to inspirational online talks (updated regularly, check back often).

"A spiritual revolution: the quest to experience God" with Giulia Nessi Tetreau, CSB

'Breaking News: Freedom is ours Now' with Patricia Woodard, CS

'Christian Science: A Clearer View of You' with Lyle Young, CSB

'Finding peace and strength in a time of upheaval', Tom McElroy, CSB

'Find the light that frees us from fear' with Alex Fischer, CS

'Peace is the way' with Myrtle Smith, CS

Links to Resources for Parents of Young People and for Young Adults

We also sell a variety of items for children and young people at the Reading Room.

Studying on a Computer

Still not finding what you're looking for? Check out for more general information or search The Christian Science Journal Directory to be in touch with a Christian Science Practitioner or find other Churches and Reading Rooms.

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