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Christian Science can change your life. We hope you find inspiration on this site and invite you to join us at one of our public services or visit our Reading Room. We are one of over 1700 branches worldwide. 


We recently celebrated our centennial! Our church began when a few sincere students of Christian Science began meeting informally in Windsor in October 1917. Our church was dedicated in November 1926 to the 'Worship of God our Father", and we continue to worship God in our weekly Sunday services and Wednesday testimony meetings and in our daily lives.

In addition to our services, we provide a Reading Room to the public where anyone can come and pray or study and purchase items to help them in their spiritual journey.


Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered Christian Science, defined it as 'the law of God, the law of good...' (Rudimental Divine Science). This deeper understanding of God as infinite Love and unchanging goodness leads to prayer that can heal, redeem, and restore anyone. Many find that when they better understand their relationship to God through this Science of Christianity their health is restored and character transformed. And each healing inspires a desire to help others realize how much God loves us all.


In 1866, a life-threatening injury compelled Mary Baker Eddy, an avid Bible student to turn wholeheartedly to God. She opened her Bible to an account of Jesus healing a man quickly and completely. A sense of God, Spirit as the only reality flooded her thought and she was healed immediately. Yearning to know how and why, she spent the next several years searching and finding in the Bible underlying laws of God that formed the basis of her teaching and practice of Christian Science. Find out more about this remarkable woman at The Mary Baker Eddy Library.

What do Christian Scientists believe?

Check out this YouTube video from for answers to common questions about Christian Science.

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